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Break out the apron; it’s almost Thanksgiving!

The holidays are a time filled with family, friends, and food, but with so much going on, mistakes are easy to make. Don’t let cuts, burns, or food poisoning ruin your Thanksgiving!

Review these kitchen safety tips on the dos and don’ts of cooking:

1. Wash your hands

This one sounds like a given, but people tend to forget the simplest tips. Always wash your hands in hot soapy water before and after cooking. Make sure to rub in between your fingers, as well as the fronts and backs of your hands. Try to use paper towels to dry your hands since dish towels are usually in close proximity to raw meats and juices.

2. Wear Shoes

Wearing closed-toe shoes in the kitchen is important for numerous reasons. Shoes protect your feet from accidents like dropping a knife, stepping on broken glass, and slipping in hot water or oil spills. In addition to proper footwear, avoid baggy and synthetic clothing, as they’re more prone to catch on fire.

3. Prevent Burns

While cooking, check to make sure the handles of your pots and pans are facing inward. This small tip can save the day by avoiding someone knocking into them and hot food or water spilling out. Always keep oven mitts and potholders close by when using the oven or stove. Never use a dish towel to grab a hot dish because it won’t protect your hands from the heat.

4. Don’t set a hot glass on a wet or cold surface

This tip is a quick science recap on how glass expands when it gets warm and shrinks when it cools down. When glass shrinks, it causes stress that can result in combustion. So, set glass on top of a cutting board or potholder to avoid any cracking or shattering. 

5. Keep everyone out of the kitchen

Dealing with boiling temperatures, open flames, and knives can be stressful enough, but adding children and pets running around while you’re trying to multitask is a recipe for disaster. Accidents in the kitchen are bound to happen if there’s too much going on at once, so try to keep everyone who’s not cooking away.

If your child is eager to be your little helper this Thanksgiving, then try assigning safe jobs that they can easily manage under your supervision. For example, filling water glasses, being in charge of the timer, mixing salad, or kneading dough are all kid-approved jobs in the kitchen.


If you come across a cooking-related accident this Thanksgiving, we’re here to help.

Burns: Most minor burns can be treated at home, but the key is to act fast. Running the injury under cool water, applying lotion, and bandaging it are all appropriate home remedies to soothe a burn. If your burn is too severe to take care of at home, visit our facility for professional assessment and dressing. 

Cuts: Apply pressure to the area as soon as you realize you’re cut. There are many things you can do for scraps and non-severe cuts at home, including washing with soap and water, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, applying antibiotic-ointment, and bandaging.  Come see us for medical care within 6 hours if the bleeding has not stopped, as you might need stitches. Additionally, seek help if you notice redness, swelling, increased pain, fever, or pus in the following days.

For all medical emergencies, visit SE Texas ER & Hospital for top-tier assistance. Our highly trained staff takes pride in providing our community with the most effective and efficient care in a comfortable environment. We’ve got your back 24/7, which is why our doors are open 365 days a year—including holidays.  

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