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Kimberly Pittard
Marketing Director
(832) 618- 2395

Humble, TX, (Dec. 1, 2019)—SE Texas ER & Hospital has partnered with Total Care 2U, a localized medical practice that offers at-home primary care and house calls to seniors.

SE Texas ER & Hospital believes that care should not cease just because the patient has left our building. By teaming up with Total Care 2U, we strive to keep patients healthy by caring for them in the comfort of their own home, thus decreasing re-admission rates.

Total Care 2U is run by a world-class team of doctors led by Dr. Ho, a seasoned physician with 25 years of experience. The transitional medicine group is dedicated to supplying comprehensive primary care to chronic and elderly patients in their own environment.

Total Care 2U and SE Texas ER & Hospital work together to coordinate a patient-centered care network for seniors after they are discharged. By creating a plan that transitions patient care from hospital to home, we aim to maintain the patient’s health before re-admission is necessary.

Each Total Care Team is comprised of accomplished primary care physicians and hand-selected nurse practitioners. Total Care 2U and SE Texas ER & Hospital are focused on servicing the aging population and creating better clinical outcomes.

SE Texas ER & Hospital looks forward to fulfilling our mission of improving local elderly care post-discharge with our partners at Total Care 2U. For more information, please contact Kimberly Pittard, Marketing Director.