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Announing Our New Partnership with TotalCare2U

Elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing home

Chronic Care

We provide monthly visits with a review of your condition, progress, and medication updates. In-home chronic care produces better outcomes for patients while providing greater security and limiting ER visits and hospital stays. Home Health agencies can take advantage of partnerships with Total Care 2U for chronic care management which improve the overall quality score of the agency.

Photo of positive doctor and patient on wheelchair

Transitional Care

For patients needing post-acute care, we aid seniors with physician-level transitional care:

-Handled by our team and Hospitalist Doctor

-Lowers hospital and ER readmissions

-Increases favorable health outcomes

-All facility processes are handled by us

Caring nurse holding kind elderly lady's hands in bed.

Skilled Nursing, ALF & CCRC Facility Care

Our Hospitalist-led team provides chronic and post-acute care at skilled nursing, assisted living, and CCRC facilities. A localized “neighborhood” of physician support creates a comprehensive care environment for seniors dealing with any type of chronic issue. Quality scores, better patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction are increased for facilities using Total Care 2U services.

Our Skills & Expertise

Total Care 2U establishes quality relationships with patients. We pride in keeping our seniors comfortable with each home visit. Our team is always ready to answer any questions or health concerns to ensure a peace-of-mind.

Patients receive quality care with a heart of service. Our mission is to provide compassionate, effective, and efficient care for our seniors. We believe that compassion and empathy are essential to healthy outcomes.

A World Class Team

Clinicians are carefully selected to exceed industry standards. Recruiting individuals with the knowledge and expertise as well as having a caring heart are vital to a successful team. Our physicians are devoted to each patient and go past the "extra mile" of service.

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