Great experience! Waiting time was very short and treatment was quick. Staff was very helpful.
One thing I was hoping for, to be told at end of my treatment how much my bill was. I hope in the future they will have a system that will help in getting this information to clients. Thanks to Dr.Kim! - Napoleon Quartey

Doris was brought there from memory care facility and we met her there. She was already in gown and cat scan had been done by the time we got there (less than 20 minutes). Everyone was so friendly and thorough with explanations. In and out within 2 hours was amazing! Highly recommend! - Family of Doris Sumrow

I do not usually take the time to post reviews for healthcare organizations because I lost faith in the healthcare system. However, I was very pleased with my mother's experience. My mother was treated with respect and the customer service was exceptional. My mother was diagnosed, treated, and discharged all within 2 hours. The physician that treated mom called the next day to check on her. I was actually in shock. It is a relief to know that there is good quality care close to our home. Thank you to the physician and staff of SE Texas ER & Hospital. - Jay Pieper

We have truly appreciated the care and support that SE Texas ER & Hospital has provided. They work hard in caring for their patients and the level of customer service they provide is top notch. - Karmyn Hamilton

I had an amazing experience at this location, the staff was very friendly and informative. I felt safe and I got the issue resolved - Tamika Meredith