Pain Management

Portrait of middle-aged blond woman having a migraine Female with rash or papule and scratch on her arm from allergies, Health allergy skin care problem Young woman sitting on the bed with pain

SE Texas ER & Hospital has partnered with Dr. Ricardo Alvarado to offer Ketamine infusion to those suffering with chronic pain as an alternative to opioid therapies. 

Dr. Alvarado has trained with Ketamine infusions since his Surgical and Anesthesiology residencies as well as his Pain Fellowship training.  In addition, the infusion nurses at SE Texas ER & Hospital are highly experienced with Ketamine. Dr. Alvarado consistently corresponds with other leaders in the country, that are well known to the Ketamine communities, in order to provide the latest and safest treatment possible.

As an independent program, we will work collaboratively with you to ensure your patient’s continuity of care. 

Referring patients to our pain program is simple, just call 210-910-6653 to schedule an appointment. At this appointment the patient will undergo an evaluation. If they are a candidate for our program, we will work with them to start their treatment. 

We pride ourselves on using industry leading treatments, such as Ketamine. Please feel free to contact Dr. Ricardo Alvarado at 210-910-6653 to learn more about treatment.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.